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Audience Tracking

If your goal is to have a successful trade show that brings in plenty of leads – then you need to start with research.

Our core tenet involves planning, identifying and recommending ideal pre-show branding engagement techniques to maximize your tradeshow impact.

Our extremely powerful Event/Show focus Attendee Tracking solution utilizes high performance data collected via show organizer portal, on and Offline engagements, confirmed subscriptions and more… allows you complete access to promote your brand/products efficiently

  • Engage prospects and differentiate your business before you arrive
  • Increase foot traffic and conversations at the booth
  • Raise awareness of your brand / products / services across the marketplace
  • Draw attention when exhibiting alongside competitors
  • Prepare for successful follow-up before the show begins
  • Provides access to hard-to-reach decision-makers
  • Overview of engaging attendees before, during and after the event

Your event might kick off weeks or even months from now, but the experience starts today!

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